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March 25, 2022

ANIMALS OF AMERICA 8K Ultra HD – Wildlife Documentary
#8K #animals #america
America is home of the world's most beautiful animals.
You are invited to see and learn how beautiful and amazing is wildlife across American continent, from Alaska to Patagonia.
From commentary you can learn a lot of interesting facts about these amazing animals.
In order to have more realistic atmosphere in these videos and viewers to have better viewing experience, The content Creator has added natural sounds like wind noise, sounds of waves and waterfalls, natural sounds of different animals and birds chirping.

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00:00-00:21 Intro
00:22-01:22 American Elk
01:23-01:56 Bighorn Sheep
01:57-02:56 Mule Deer
02:57-03:06 Yosemite National Park
03:07-03:50 Bison
03:51-04:45 Grizzly Bear
04:46-04:57 Canadian Goose
04:58-05:27 Yellowstone National Park
05:28-05:33 Bison
05:34-05:46 Pronghorn
05:47-06:01 Canadian Goose
06:02-06:21 Moose
06:22-06:34 Badger
06:35-07:25 Beaver
07:26-07:41 Raccoon
07:42-08:40 Owls
08:41-08:50 Pelican
08:51-08:59 Black Headed Gull
09:00-09:06 Anhinga
09:07-09:16 Magpie
09:17-09:29 Turkey Vulture
09:30-09:49 Ansel Adams Wilderness
09:50-09:56 Mallard
09:57-10:03 Squirrel
10:04-10:17 Alaska
10:18-10:31 Musk Ox
10:32-10:43 Wolverine
10:44-11:06 Caribou
11:07-11:27 Grizzly Bear
11:28-11:40 Polar Bear
11:41-11:50 Yellowstone National Park
11:51-12:19 Bison in winter
12:20-12:28 White Tailed Deer
12:29-12:36 Elk
12:37-12:51 Swan
12:52-13:17 Moose
13:18-13:40 Wolves
13:41-13:48 Cougar
13:49-14:13 Bald Eagle
14:14-14:24 Jasper National Park
14:25-14:35 Kestrel
14:36-14:48 Armadillo
14:49-14:54 Weasel
14:55-15:01 Bobcat
15:02-15:28 Alligator
15:29-15:39 Amazon
15:40-15:53 Llama
15:54-16:00 Andean Condor
16:01-16:16 Jaguar
16:17-16:22 Anteater
16:23-16:29 Peccary
16:30-16:43 Capybara
16:44-16:49 Parakeet
16:50-17:11 Sloth
17:12-17:17 Slider Turtle
17:18-17:52 Flamingo

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