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image  1 Foster Huntington - On a recent flight back to the east coast, I opted for a window seat and watched
August 25, 2022

On a recent flight back to the east coast, I opted for a window seat and watched familiar highways, mountain ranges and irrigated valleys pass by 35000 feet below. From my small oval window, I remember countless miles spent driving state highways and hundreds of nights spent on BLM land in my mid 20s. My life has changed a lot since making a career out of a hobby and starting a small business. Existing somewhere between feast or famine for the last 8 years, I've taken little time for myself and even less time for travel. Last month, I packed up my Ford 350 with a pop top camper and hit the road with no real agenda. For the first few days I listened to the same song on repeat, driving in a trance. I ate at taco trucks and lived off of beverages from grocery outlet. Stopping at gas stations, I pondered the bathroom sharpie graffiti and stared mesmerized at the "You Must be born before this date in 2004 in order to buy Tobacco" signs, thinking back to my summer of 2004, the very summer I got my drivers license, started drinking and engaging in other acts so well documented by Bob Seger' Night Moves. I stopped in towns like Winnemucca, Eugene and Grand Junction to walk Tim on backstreets. I carried a Fuji Klause 35mm point and shoot. When something caught my eye, I'd stop or double back for another look. The beauty of the west that captured and inspired me over a decade ago is still there, just hidden by an increasing number of rules posted on National Forests Land and the relentless expansion of corporations and strip malls into lands once occupied by small ranches and farms.
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