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February 6, 2022

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This videos you can use for learn Nature, about place, River, Country, City, etc with Ultra-HD resolution.

You can also use to Home, Shop, Living Room , Office , Lounge , Waiting Room, gym, airport, hospital, Hotel, Showroom, Restaurant, Guest house, Relaxing Room, And More...!

►This video Optimize to 8K demo and HDR
►This 8k DEMO Video for Entertainment and Educational purpose.

The content Creator has done high color correction, Color changing, HDR color Setting, Bit rate, Raw videos editing, Merge files, Adjust the black, 8K Export file and more.
I try to give the best knowledgeable and educational information about earth and nature in all the videos.

►► Total Numbers Of Clips In this video are : 50+

1. Aerial view of Akaka Falls in Hawaii 0:00
2. Mountain of kauai kalalau in Hawaii 0:08
3. Aerial View of Oahu Hawaii with parachute 0:16
4. Time-lapse view of Byodo-In Temple in Hawaii 0:36
5. Aesthetic view of sunset 0:44
6. Beautiful view of Mountain and sea at sunset time 0:48
7. Aerial Drone Landscape Scenic in mountain 0:57
8. Kitesurfing in Blue Hawaiian sea 1:04
9. Coast City Buildings and blue sea beach 1:20
10. Beautiful view on palm umbrellas in resort 1:32
11. Blue ocean with mountain in Oahu Hawaii 1:36
12. Aerial view of Na Pali coast Kauai islands Hawaii 1:52
13. Mountain to sea Skydive in Hawaii 2:16
14. Beautiful green mountain in Oahu Hawaii 2:25
15. Aesthetic view of Akaka Falls in Hawaii 2:40
16. Rainbow with Notched Mountain in Hawaii 2:48
17. Aerial view of Green Mountain with clouds 2:52
18. Infinity pool in resort 3:04
19. Surfing in Hawaii at sunset time 3:09
20. Coast City Buildings and ocean 3:28
21. Aerial view of Hawaii city 3:38
22. Blue ocean with Hawaii city drone view 3:55
23. Kitesurfing in Blue Hawaiian sea (Part 2) 4:07
24. A girl is stand on surfboard in sunset time 4:27
25. Aerial view of sailboat at sunset in Oahu Hawaii 4:38
26. Beautiful red and pink sky at sunrise time in Hawaii 4:49
27. Aerial view of Hawaii city 5:16
28. Aerial view of longboats in Oahu Hawaii 5:22
29. Drone view of Mountains Fog Mist Haze 5:51
30. Aerial view of Kauai Kalalau Napali coast state park in Hawaii 6:08
31. Green Mountain with clouds 6:33
32. Little Rock mountain with Blue Ocean in Hawaii 7:03
33. Beautiful view on palm umbrellas in resort (Part 2) 7:19
34. Wind Turbine in Hawaii Island 7:38
35. Drone view of skyscraper in Hawaii island 7:52
37. Time-lapse view of Byodo-In Temple in Hawaii (Part 2) 8:01
38. Fantastic deep Green Mountain with clouds 8:13
39. Drone view of skyscraper in Hawaii island (Part 2) 8:17
40. Green Mountain with clouds (Part 2) 8:30
41. Beautiful Blue ocean in Hawaii island 8:49
42. Birds are flying in the red sky at sunset 9:04
43. Aerial View of Makapuu point lighthouse Oahu Hawaii 9:43
44. Drone view of Kauai Kalihiwai jungle 10:33
45. Little rock mountain in ocean 10:57
46. Skydrive on blue ocean in Hawaii Island 11:15
47. Skydrive on blue ocean in Hawaii Island (Part 2) 11:45
48. Beach with City in Hawaii 12:15
49. Notched Green Mountain with Blue sky 12:32
50. Time-lapse of beautiful Clouds with forest 12:43

►►Due to writing limitations, other place in short brief -

12:59 Blue beach with coconut leaves
13:15 infinity pool at sunset time
13:24 Red and pink ocean at sunset
13:43 Rocky cliffside
14:11 Green Mountain in Hawaii
14:52 Haiku stairs with hill
15:38 Sunset time at Hawaii
15:48 vivid red blossom plumeria
16:06 Pearl Harbor
16:22 Aerial view of sea beach
16:52 Blue ocean
17:22 Molokini crater Maui
17:52 Mountain in Hawaii
18:01 Beautiful beach with palm trees
18:57 Blue sky with clouds, Drone view
19:10 Luxury resort at afternoon
19:15 Gorgeous sunset
19:32 End Title

Note : To view at 8K 60P you will need to use Chrome.

Music Credits:
Emotional Music - Imperfect World by Whitesand
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2nd Music used
If We Could Fly by Jonny Easton
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▶ All The footage Was Edited And Color Corrected .
▶ We Use Paid Footage In Channel.
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