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image  1 I heard the distinctive crack of a window breaking and jumped out of bed
January 18, 2023

I heard the distinctive crack of a window breaking and jumped out of bed. From the deck of the tree house, I watched in shock as flames leaped out of the windows on either side of the sauna. For 45 minutes, my brother and I fought the flames with a hose and buckets of icy water from the hottub. My chest sucked freezing air and my ears pounded. Eventually, Tim and I acknowledged the inevitable and our pace slowed. There was no stopping the fire, a fact that I had known, but not admitted, the moment I first saw the yard lit by the dancing light. Taking turns with the hose, we stood quietly until the volunteer fire department rumbled up the hill in their old Ford to put the coals out. The last sauna session was a good one. Thank you for the good memories and making the long winters more fun. You will be rebuilt in the spring.
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