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January 21, 2022

Rome is the favorite city in the world. Why? Because it’s the perfect blend of history and the modern world. It has it all- beautiful historical sites, amazing shops and of course: the perfect pizzas ever.
So here’s the experience of Rome and why it’s soo awesome:

1) The people

Italian hospitality is unbeatable. The Italians treat you like long lost buddies right from the moment you first meet. The hotel staff are extra nice and attend to your complaints within seconds. But the best about Italians is the way they speak. Their language comes out like a sweet song. It so adorbs that We wouldn’t be able to guess even if they were swearing at.
2) The food

If you think you have eaten the best Italian food ever in your own countries, you’re gravely mistaken the friend. The best Italian food comes from the source…which would be Italy in this case (well obviously). These Italian restaurants/cafe’s serve the most scrumptious ravioli, epic mouth-watering risottos and pizzas to die for. We would make a trip back to Rome simply for the food if We could.
3) The historical significance

Rome’s history is divided into two parts. The Roman Empire and Medieval history. The architecture of each era is spread out into two distinct areas. The walk to the Colosseum is one of the most enchanting walks The content Creator has ever taken. There are ancient relics on either side of the pathway adding to the charm. The Medieval historical sites give off a very “Game of Thrones” vibe.
4) The Vatican

This mini-city on its own would make a trip to Rome worth-it. The Vatican some of the most beautiful frescos ever in the Sistine Chapel. You will find hundreds of tour guides right outside the Vatican who will give you a tour of the church and museum. Just make sure that you don’t get ripped off!
5) The shopping

Milan is technically a major fashion capital but Rome isn’t far behind. The shopping here is marvelous from boutique brands to mainstream brands. There’s a Zara store that’s four stories high (I spent around two hours there We think). After a day of hard-core shopping you can relax in a nice spot, having street-made square pizzas and watch the sun setting over the beautiful historical ruins. Bliss!
Fun Fact: The Trevi Fountain– a must see site- has magical powers. Apparently whoever puts a coin in there is sure to come back to Rome one day. mom put the coin twice and has visited Rome twice ever since. We put it as well and We sure do hope to go again someday!

***This Video Vlog is Made to show the city and the environment, if you are present on this video and you don't want to be please contact or comment on this video and i will remove you completely & immediately ***

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