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May 17, 2022

SECRET WORLD OF BUGS 8K ULTRA HD - Insect Names and Nature Sounds
I inserted into subtitles interesting facts to provide educational value to this film.
Viewers who want to know more about subjects in this film can enable subtitles to learn interesting facts about what they see in film.
Please click on CC button to activate subtitles and to choose from 60 different languages available.

You can see: Yellow Sac Spider, Raft Spider, Damselfly, Cardinal Beetle, Golden Ringed Dragonfly, Green Dragonfly, Pyrrhocoris apterus (firebug), Roesel's Bush-cricket, Green Rose Chafer - Cetonia Aurata Beetle, Golden Silk Spiders, Raft Spider, Melanargia Occitanica Butterfly, Zygaena Lavandulae Moth, Cockchafer Beetle, Burnet Butterfly, Alder Leaf Beetle, Green Shield Bug, Peacock Butterfly, Orb Weaver Spider, Ladybug, Dung Beetle and many more.

Do you know that:
Over one million insect species have been identified and described, but it is estimated that there may be much more.
Insects can be found in practically any habitat on earth, from snow-capped mountain ranges to the world's hottest deserts.
Insects have existed on the planet for about 350 million years, far longer than dinosaurs.
Bugs give a variety of benefits to humans and the environment. They act as pest control and pollinate the crops that we eat.
According to scientists, dragonflies were one of the first insects to inhabit this planet around 300 million years ago.
The presence of dragonfly in an area provides an indicator of water quality.
Some adult dragonflies live for only a few weeks while others live up to a year.
Do you know what is the reason behind a dragonfly dipping its tail in the water? She's laying eggs. Dragonflies lay eggs in water.

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