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February 23, 2022

🇧🇷 4K UltraHD aerial footage of the drone flights at Allianz Parque, also known as Arena Palmeiras, in Sao Paulo (Brazil), which is the home ground of the professional Brazilian football team Sociedade Esportiva Palmeiras: project finished & uploaded on 2022-02-21 by One Man Wolf Pack UltraHD Drone Footage. #drone #allianzparque #palmeiras

▶️ Drone - Sao Paulo 2022 @ 0:00
▶️ Allianz Parque @ 1:30
▶️ Palmeiras @ 3:00

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🎥 Media data: This drone video (Internal ID 1121, shots taken in between 2016 & 2022 and video published in 2022) is an extraction of the self-captured Sao Paulo 4K Drone Video Footage & Sao Paulo Drone Pictures. Copyright protected Footage and Photos on Sale. For inquiries, please contact via E-Mail or the Blog.
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About Sao Paulo: Allianz Parque, conhecido popularmente em seus primórdios como Arena Palestra Itália ou Arena Palmeiras,nota 1 é uma arena multiúso construída para receber espetáculos, concertos, eventos corporativos e, principalmente, partidas de futebol do Palmeiras, seu proprietário, que fez um contrato de construção, exploração e gestão inovador com a WTorre para renovar completamente seu antigo estádio. A nova arena foi construída pela empresa WTorre Properties/Arenas, do Grupo WTorre, onde se localizava o tradicional Estádio Palestra Itália, também conhecido popularmente como Parque Antarctica. // Allianz Parque, also known as Palestra Itália Arena, is a multipurpose stadium in São Paulo, Brazil, built to receive shows, concerts, corporate events, and especially football matches of Palmeiras, the site owner. The stadium has a capacity of 43,713 spectators. // Sociedade Esportiva Palmeiras (Brazilian Portuguese: sosieˈdadʒi ispoɾˈtʃivə pawˈmejɾəs (audio speaker iconlisten)), commonly known as Palmeiras, is a Brazilian professional football club based in the city of São Paulo, in the district of Perdizes. Palmeiras is one of the most popular clubs, with the most trophies and the most success in Brazil, with around 18 million supporters and 126,000 affiliated fans, including many Brazilians of Italian ancestry. Despite being primarily an association football team, Palmeiras competes in a number of different sports. The football team plays in the Campeonato Paulista, the state of São Paulos premier state league, as well as in the Brasileirão Série A, the top tier of the Brazilian football league system. [Source: wikipedia // Google]

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