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image  1 Foster Huntington - In 2020, I bought a broken down old cabin built in 1919
September 16, 2022

In 2020, I bought a broken down old cabin built in 1919. It needed a ton of work, but was in a beautiful place at the convergence of creek and the Washougal River. Over the last two years, a some of my close friends and family fixed up the property and took breaks to swim in the water falls and river and cook on the stone BBQ. The property is now for rent on It sleeps 8, has its own swimming hole, wood burning hot tub, river rock bbq, extensive record and vhs collection (the prior came with the property and the ladder is curated from the Movie Mountain collection) and a fire place for fall and winter nights. It’s about 40 minutes east of the Portland Airport. If you have wild rental somewhere and would want to trade some nights, hit me up. I have the travel bug and would love to see some interesting places after being relatively sedentary for the last few years. Here are some photos from the process. The link to the listing is in my profile.
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