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March 5, 2022

This videos you can use for learn Germany's Nature, about place, River, Country, City, etc with Ultra-HD resolution.

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►► Total Numbers Of Clips In this video are - 42+

1. Wimbachklamm gorge with several small waterfall streams and wooden hiking path 0:00
2. Hintersee lake and fir trees in dusk blue hour in Ramsau Berchtesgaden, Germany 0:15
3. Beautiful lake with hill, Time-lapse 0:20
4. Tourists and residents of Munich on its main square near the old town hall 0:28
5. Aerial view beautiful green forest and lake 0:34
6. Beautiful view of yellow and green field in Saargau Merzkirchen, Germany 0:41
7. The grand building of the cathedral in berlin, Germany 0:54
8. Nepomuk statue and the moon in Heidelberg 1:17
9. Aerial view of Hohenzollern castle Germany aerial 1:22
10. Aerial view of Hamburg, Germany at night 1:43
11. Nice afternoon with Statue, Palaces & castle 2:03
12. Aerial view of beautiful lake and green hill 2:15
13. Berlin city at night in Germany, Aerial view 2:20
14. Marienplatz in the center of Munich, German 2:44
15. Historic center of Munich and golden statue 2:54
16. Countryside at winter season in Germany 3:12
17. Yellow rapeseed fields in Saargau Merzkirchen, Germany 3:36
18. Time-lapse of the bundestag is one of the symbols of berlin 3:48
19. Gendarmenmarkt square in berlin is the main tourist attraction 3:54
20. German cities at night, Time-Lapse 4:14
21. Brandenburg gate over sunset 4:34
22. Architecture of City Skyline at Sunset in Germany 4:44
23. European central bank building in downtown Frankfurt, Germany 4:58
24. Luxury carnival in Bavaria king and queen in magnificent suits 5:07
25. Countryside road in Germany 5:25
26. Wimbachklamm gorge with several small waterfall 5:42
27. Dinosaurs in Europe natural history museum in berlin, Germany 5:52
28. Stained glass window tilt in cathedral of cologne Dom 6:00
29. Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany 6:19
30. Time-lapse of a medieval man sculpture 6:34
31. Church Forest Nature with Clouds 6:46
32. Torgau castle flyover the Schloss Hartenfels in German 6:55
33. Reformation history of Worms cathedral in 7:27
34. Statues of Karl Marx and Friedrich 7:39
35. Aerial view of the berlin cathedral in Germany 7:46
36. Marienplatz square next the new town hall 7:59
37. Skyscraper of Head office, ubs group 8:26
38. Aerial View of Marienplatz square 8:35
39. Equestrian statue of Friedrich Wilhelm 9:16
40. Exterior of the gethsemane church in Germany 9:34
41. Aerial view of OF Resort Lake 9:42
42. Pilgrimage church of St Coloman near neuschwanstein castle 9:58

►►Due to writing limitations, other place in short brief -

10:11 eisenach, Germany
10:22 Neuschwanstein castle
10:49 Pilgrimage church
11:08 Trakai Island Castle
12:08 Aerial view of Wartburg castle
12:23 Hohenzollern castle in Germany
12:37 Drone view of neuschwanstein castle
12:51 Cinematic view of green field and hill
13:04 White winter wonderland scenery
13:22 Statues of children sculptures plant
13:31 Beautiful waterfall
13:46 Elevated highway in Germany
14:12 Coin telescope with Lake
14:28 Old bridge at sunset, Heidelberg
14:43 Time-lapse of Bruchsal
14:54 Time-lapse Brandenburg gate
15:06 Torgau castle
15:18 Cottage of countryside in Germany
15:36 Main square near the old town hall
15:45 The hamburg rathaus
15:56 River in the center of berlin
16:22 Frauenkirche in munich
16:44 Marienplatz town hall
17:10 Bundestag in Germany
17:16 Gendarmenmarkt square in berlin
17:32 Marienplatz town hall (part 2)
17:45 Night cities in Germany
18:06 Munich City Center
18:29 Majestic parliament building in munich
18:41 Martin luther monastery church
18:51 Grove Picturesque Peaks
19:07 Clock of marienplatz town hall
19:28 Brandenburg gate
19:34 End Title

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