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August 6, 2021

This videos you can use for learn Nature, about place, River, Country, City, etc with Ultra-HD resolution.

►High Quality Video In Exceptional 8K Ultra HD Quality For NEO QLED/OLED 8K TV
[ Note : NEO LED technology is a video upscaling process.]

You can also use to Home, Shop, Living Room , Office , Lounge , Waiting Room, gym, airport, hospital, Hotel, Showroom, Restaurant, Guest house, Relaxing Room, And More...!

►This video Optimize to 8K demo and HDR

►This 8k DEMO Video for Entertainment and Educational purpose.

I have done high color correction, Color changing, HDR color Setting, Bit rate, Raw videos editing, Merge files, Adjust the black, 8K Export file and more.
I try to give the best knowledgeable and educational information about earth and nature in all the videos.

There have some part of Shenzhen (City in China) - 0:40, 0:47, 1:10, 1:48, 1:51, 1:53
For compare to Hongkong.

►► Total Numbers Of Clips In this video are -

1. Time-lapse of Hong Kong Downtown at night 0:00
2. Time-lapse of Hong Kong whole city from hill 0:05
3. Hong Kong Downtown at night from river 0:08
4. Aerial view of International Finance Centre, Hong Kong 0:13
5. Hyperlapse of Hong Kong china at night 0:25
6. Aerial view of International Finance Centre and other Topest Building 0:28
7. Pleasure ship at night in Hong kong river 0:36
8. King key 100 tower, Shenzhen in china 0:40
9. Aerial view of Hong Kong city at early morning time 0:42
10. Time-lapse of King key 100 tower, Shenzhen 0:47
11. Aerial view of Hong Kong at evening 1:02
12. King key 100 (kk 100), Shenzhen 1:10
13. Central Plaza at night in Hong Kong 1:16
14. Hong Kong Observation Wheel & AIA Vitality Park 1:22
15. Time-lapse of Hong Kong at night 1:25
16. Skyscraper with cloud at night in Hong Kong 1:28
17. Citibank building in Hong Kong 1:31
18. Drone view of Hong Kong city with river at night 1:34
19. Aerial view of Hong Kong whole city at night 1:45
20. Kingkey 100, Shenzhen 1:48
21. The Panglin Hotel in Shenzhen 1:51
22. Beautiful color combination light in Kingkey 100 1:53
23. Night aerial view of Hong Kong city 1:57
24. Tsing Ma Bridge in Hong Kong 2:02
25. kk 100 tower top view 2:06
26. Hyperlapse aerial view of Hong Kong, china 2:08
27. Aerial view at afternoon, Hong Kong 2:19
28. Aerial view of Blue ocean and cargo ship 2:37
29. Kowloon Walled City Park temple 2:41
30. Night to morning time-lapse in Hong Kong 2:50
31. Hong Kong city with river at night 2:57
32. Aerial view of Cityscape buildings 3:08
33. Drone view of Downtown in sunny day, Hong Kong 3:33
34. Aerial view of Residential apartment, Hong Kong 3:57
35. Downtown in sunny day, Hong Kong (part 2) 4:16
36. Tsing Ma Bridge, Hong kong 4:42
37. Hong Kong river with building 4:52
38. Hong Kong river with building (part 2) 5:04
39. Hyperlapse view of Hong Kong at night 5:12
40. Time-lapse of road vehicles in Hong Kong 5:21
41. Highest cityscape building 5:26
42. City with River at night, time-lapse 5:50
43. Aerial view of the city at dusk 5:57
44. Hong Kong car and tram traffic time-lapse 6:09
45. Hong Kong at Night 6:15

►►Due to writing limitations, other place in short brief -
6:32 Night market
6:41 Aerial view, downtown
7:07 Hong Kong Apartments at night Chinese
7:16 Aerial view at sunny day
8:07 Chinese lanterns
8:11 Container port in Hong Kong
8:36 Apple store
8:47 Mountain with sunset
9:06 Aerial view of building at night
9:36 Day to night Time-lapse
9:51 Drone view of sunset time
10:02 End title

Note : To view at 8K 60P you will need to use Chrome.

Music Credits:
I Was Born This Way by Whitesand
They are member of )
Whitesand Youtube channel Link -
◉ Spotify:
◉ Bandcamp:
2nd Music used
Last Dawn by Ross Bugden
3rd Music used
Forever Sunrise - by Jonny Easton
Check out his channel
Thumbnail Credit - shutterstock


Copyright Disclaimer
▶ All The Footage Used In The Video Is Licensed.
▶ All The footage Was Edited And Color Corrected By Me.
▶ we Use Paid Footage In Channel.
▶ Video Footage Copyright Under Standard License.

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