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August 22, 2022

►This video Optimize to 8K demo and HDR

This videos you can use for learn Nature, about place, River, Wildlife, etc with Ultra-HD resolution.

High Quality Video In Exceptional 8K Ultra HD Quality For 8K TV

You can also use to Home, Shop, Living Room , Office , Lounge , Waiting Room, gym, airport, hospital, Hotel, Showroom, Restaurant, Guest house, Relaxing Room, And More...!

►This 8k DEMO Video for Entertainment and Educational purpose.

I try to give the best knowledgeable and educational information about earth and nature in all the videos.

►► Total Place In this video

0:00 intro
0:13 Tulip garden, Mariupol ukraine
0:20 Green Garden, Saint pe
0:24 Saint laurent magic garden
0:30 Garden of Eden, Leaves gate
0:40 Hut house garden
0:45 Orchard, pink blossoms
0:51 Tulip garden
0:59 Tulip garden
1:09 White blossoms
1:14 Pink blossoms
1:23 Sakura trees
1:34 Pink blossoms
1:38 Garden Cat
1:46 Green Exotic plants
1:50 Haven Garden, Cuba
2:01 Daytime green tree
2:09 Sunflowers garden
2:15 City park
2:20 Pink blossoms, kyiv ukraine
2:26 Artificial garden
2:42 Happy Moment
2:51 storied birds
3:01 Paris gardens
3:14 Beautiful park
3:25 rosemary garden
3:38 Sunny Day
3:48 Happy moment
4:02 Garden of Eden

Note : To view at 8K 60P you will need to use Chrome & opera.
This video created for entertainment informative, educational purposes

Music Credits:
Morning Walk by Jonny Easton
▶ All The Footage Used In The Video Is Licensed.
▶ All The footage Was Edited And Color Corrected .
▶ We Use Paid And Free Stock Footage In Channel.
▶ Video Footage Copyright Under Standard License.

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